Farewell and Celebration

January saw two services to mark the end of Jenny’s struggle against MND, in France we said farewell with the cremation then in England we had a service to celebrate her life.

In Jenny’s own words “The whole to be as least harrowing as possible. I have had a good life and when I pop my clogs I will have had enough of the struggle against MND.” We tried, but inevitably there were some harrowing moments.

The weather conspired to make travel difficult particularly in the UK, and some followers of her “antics” and the ups and downs of struggling with the illness are too far away to make the services. For those I post the readings, Reflections, on Jenny read at the services.


Reflections_Judy Kuhl-Friend

Reflections_Malcolm Green-Husband

Reflections_Robert Baines-Son

What now?

Firstly a huge thank you to the people who have supported Jenny, me (Malcolm) and family during our three and half year journey with MND. That support covers many areas, practical support, listening support, support on the fund raising – joining us or contributing to the funds. The funds donated were hugely appreciated by Jenny, she did not see a solution to MND but she did feel she was doing something and that was hugely important. Important as she felt was was making a difference and important as it gave her another reason to struggle against the disease for as long as she could. Fund raising another reason alongside her desire to see her children and friends for as long as possible.

Jenny left a list, so what’s next is a party to further celebrate her life and remember her. This will come later in the year so keep in touch and find out where and when later this year.

And finally, for now – don’t forget there is still no solution to MND. research needs funding, in Jenny’s memory if ever you see others fundraising to fight this cruel disease make a small donation, in Jenny’s memory.

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Funeral Arrangements Jenny GREEN

Jenny will be cremated at Cannes Crematorium on Monday 7th January at 11.00 am. There will be an opportunity to remember her afterwards at Yacht Club de Cannes or 8, Allee des Lauriers. (To be confirmed)

There will be a service of Thanksgiving for her life at Goldhanger Church, Maldon on Saturday 19th of January at 11.00 am and afterwards at Blackwater Sailing Club

    Family flowers only, donations can be made to MND research via Jenny’s Fundraising website http://www.jennygreenchallenge.org and click on the Virgin Money giving logo.

    Dress code – Red tie or red scarf.

The Family

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Jennifer Green (Nee Bunting) 1950 – 2012

It is with much sadness that we inform you that Jennifer Green (nee Bunting) of Magagnosc & Goldhanger aged 62 passed away peacefully in the early hours of 22nd Dec 2012.

Jenny, dearly beloved daughter of Patricia, wife of Malcolm and much loved Mother of Nicolette, Joanna, Mark, Robert and Penny, and Grandmother of Thomas, Sophie, Jack, Matthieu, Josephine, Archie, William, Isolde, Oscar, Harry, Charles and Edward.

Jenny had struggled to resist the crippling disease known as MND/ALS/SLA/Lou Gehrig disease for some three and a half years. A disease that had slowly removed the ability for her to do the things she loved; sailing, cycling, playing with her grandchildren and the things we all take for granted, walking, talking and eating. She has borne the disease with amazing strength and inner fortitude; she was an amazing person and will continue to be an inspiration to us all.

Funeral details and other information will be advised in due course via https://jennygreenchallenge.wordpress.com and other appropriate means.

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Christmas Wishes All!

I would normally be knee-deep in preparations for Christmas and no doubt in-between trips backwards and forward to the UK at this time of the year. I missed the annual trip back at the beginning of this month for my Mum’s birthday/ what we have in recent years also treated as a good opportunity to treat as an early family Christmas meal. My babies still all got together though from their different parts of the country and took Mum out thanks to Pen’s organising.

Life continues to be frustrating and for some time now the house has looked like a paper hanky warehouse. The constant dribbling I have to contend with means I have to have a constant supply of folded tissues on the go tucked between my lips giving me a white bearded seasonal Santa’s beard look; not really the look I had in mind but perhaps worthy of an entry for Britain’s got talent. A box a day is about the rate at the moment! Aside of this my day is now permanently spent on my breathing machine (the mask adding to the chic) with occasional interludes on my cough assist machine. This helps me keep my airways clear. I can get quite anxious now over what would normally be silly things and this can send me into a panic. Luckily my wonderful husband and carers get me through together with the odd dose of drugs; like the sixties but with X-Factor as the soundtrack (n.b. I was a good girl sailing in the sixties). Night times are fun too, I have traded Malcolm for Henry. Henry is my polystyrene filled bolster that I cuddle up to every night and he stops me from falling out of bed. He’s a flaccid sort of chap but provides some necessary support.

It is becoming difficult to use the I-Pad which means replying to e-mails is becoming a rarity. Please keep them coming though, they really keep me going, as do the photos and video clips, particularly the ones of my grand-babies. The Television is a god send, it keeps me in touch with the world, provides brainless entertainment and most importantly all the rubbishy soaps and incredulous entertainment provided by Jeremy Kyle.

Joey and Bobby have been here again this weekend and grand-baby Harry. Since my last blog I have continued to have lots of visits from my other babies, there is usually one of them here each weekend – one of the benefits of having such a large brood. Having them here this weekend has provided Malc with a rare opportunity to have a weekend with a few stretches of time away from me and him being able to race. Today’s result is not yet known but it seems he could do with his good luck charm alongside him if only to provide a vent for frustration whilst he admires the transomes of the rest of the fleet.

Love to you all and this christmas have an extra glass of mulled wine for me.

Jen x

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Busy Week!

It’s been a busy week this week with two of my babies and one grand-baby coming to visit. Joey and the adorable bouncing baby Harry arrived on Wednesday and have been great company with Joey being a fabulous help. Bobby has been here over the weekend and helped Jo to try and drown me over a bowl of water whilst dyeing my hair yesterday – quite a lot of water straight down my neck. The cold wet theme was continued when I woke up on the balcony in my wheelchair (having dozed off) with the sprinkler spraying cold water over me. Bobby hadn’t realised that Malc had temporarily rigged it for the now passed heatwave and not my balcony pots!

We had a further laugh this morning when I asked for Bobby’s help to get me ready for the day. My face wash was mercilessly with cold water (not warm), a point at the time missed on Bobby. Our real giggles started with the application of day cream, the once 14 year old son of mine not having left me with much trust that he wasn’t going to do something mean to his Mummy in jest. Not being able to talk continues to be quite a challenge to communication. Bobby believes time in his youth spent on charades would have been helpful; he’s certainly no good at understanding my noises and gesticulations.

My blogs are now written with help as typing, even on the IPad, is becoming impossible. Bobby and I have been ‘discussing’ the irony of it all. The times I thought I might drown (relatively quickly) under a fireball on a windy day. You never expect that your health will get so bad that you can’t travel or that your family and friends will help you with the lavatory – God bless them! Monty Python’s ‘always look on the brightside’ continues to be wise counsel.

Jo has now headed back to Germany and Bobby is off later today; it will be horribly quiet but Nicky and Marky heading out soon which together with all the wonderful help I get from Malc and my friends and carers will keep me going. x

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Thank you!

Huge thanks to all those who kindly donated money to MNDA instead of giving flowers at my dads funeral. Your heartfelt comments were lovely. We raised another £605 for the charity. Dad would have been touched by your generosity and overwhelmed at the prospect of a new bouy on the river in his name. Love to all – Jenny

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My Dad

My Dad was the bestest Dad anyone could have. From an early age we were out and about on the farm together. Driving tractors in the fields, carting corn from the combines in summer, and preparing turkeys with the team at Christmas time. We were sailing together until quite recently, in his Sprite. He was always there for me whatever difficulties I managed to conjour up. He rarely spoke about his wartime experiences but he impressed on us to never let an oppurtunity pass by and I think it made him less shockable. He had time for everybody and he spent alot of time helping Cadets at the sailing club. His own racing began in Dirk across the North Sea in ordinary clothes, no lifejackets! How things have changed. He flew out to see me once but the plane flew about thirty thousand feet higher than the Lancaster he last flew in. The very cruel part in all this is that I was not well enough to travel to see him. I hope he knew how much I loved him.

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